f Filming Vancouver: CASTING CALL For Art Film “U” Shooting in Vancouver June 2015

CASTING CALL For Art Film “U” Shooting in Vancouver June 2015




Seeking Actors for Lead Roles in




An art film directed by Tyler Coburn

Produced in collaboration with Western Front

Shooting in Vancouver June 2015



Project Description:


“U” is a forthcoming art film set in an imaginary, high-tech city.  Shot over nine short episodes, the film follows four young employees of the “Integrated Operations Center,” who monitor the surveillance footage being generated throughout the city.  Because of a series of recent blunders by these employees, their supervisor has mandated group therapy sessions to help prevent future mistakes.  All nine episodes take place during these sessions, as the employees engage in an experimental therapeutic process. 





Therapist: 45-55 yrs old, East Asian or Caucasian female, native English speaker.  Reserved and quietly authoritative.  Serious about her work, but also knows when to introduce humor to the therapy process. 


Patient: 20-28 yrs old, South Asian or Middle-Eastern female, non-native English speaker.  Quite vocal and physically expressive.  She is always looking for an opportunity to perform.


Patient: 20-28 yrs old, Black or Caucasian male, native English speaker.  Cynical, dry sense of humor.  A bit of a know-it-all.  No concern for rank.


Patient: 20-28 yrs old, Hispanic or Southeast Asian male, native or non-native English speaker.  Stiff, shy, reserved—perhaps a bit repressed.  Speaks without confidence.


Patient: 20-28 yrs old, Caucasian female, native or non-native English speaker.  Nerdy, asocial, spacey—unaware of social cues.  Irregular, strange speech affectations.





Audition dates: March 24 – 26, Luxe Theatre at Western Front

Rehearsal dates: May 25 – June 5

Shoot dates: June 8 – 12

Rate: TBD


If you are interested in auditioning for the above roles, please e-mail tyler.coburn@gmail.com with your contact information, curriculum vitae, headshot, and (if available) showreel.

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