f Filming Vancouver: Vancouver Current Acting Audition List December 4, 2014

Vancouver Current Acting Audition List December 4, 2014


Playwright: Richard Strand
Opening Nite (Community) Theatre Society (Mission, B.C.)
Director: Kathy Yewell
Producer: Mahara Sinclaire
Audition Dates: (Open Call) Wednesday 03 December 2014 at 6:30 pm & Saturday 06 December 2014 at 1:00 pm
Audition Address: 33223 N. Railway Avenue, Mission B.C. (across from the Mission West Coast Express Train Station)
Production Dates: March 6 - March 22, 2015 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm with Sunday matinees at 2:00 pm)
Rehearsal Dates: January 6 – March 5 2015 Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings - starting at 6:30 pm
THE STORY: Preparing for their usual morning meeting, three sales associates discover their supervisor dead, with his feet up on the desk. All three are next in line for Zukasky's job. A.C. Tattums immediately begins to scheme; Anne is insecure and paranoid; and Barry is all indecision and blithering. What's worse, their department head, Marlino, announces Barry has the position, leaving Anne stupefied and unacknowledged for her ten years with the corporation. A.C., intent of climbing to the very top, begins to plant suggestions in his coworkers' minds, pitting them against one another. A.C. and Anne stage a break-in that inadvertently gets both she and Barry fired. A.C. comes out on top and, with Big Boss Marlino in his pocket, there's no stopping him.
AC Tattums (male) - Sales Associate (30's to 40's) A clever, manipulative, double-dealing upstart who employs devious tactics to breed fear and confusion among his coworkers. A charismatic rogue, out for number one.
Anne Desmond: Sales Associate (30's to 40's) A smart woman (though not as clever as A.C.) Very capable and honest but also a bit high-strung and insecure. Damn tired of hitting her head on the glass ceiling of the "old boys" network.
Barry Mills: (30's to 40's) Sales Associate. A clueless, incompetent "yes-man", always confused and easily manipulated. Afraid of the coffee-maker.
Henry Marlino: (40's to 60's) The Big Boss - easily flattered, self-important, likes to tell pointless stories. Knows next to nothing about what actually goes on in the corporation.
Theodore Zukasky (40's to 60's) A deceased Executive (appears briefly at start of play)
Notes: This is a non-equity production. This play involves physical comedy. Cold Readings from the script will be provided. Actors cast must become members ($15) of Opening Nite Theatre Society. Resumes and Photos are appreciated.
Contact Kathy at: openingnitetheatre@hotmail.com

Playwright: Kathleen Clark
Company: Stage 43 (http://www.stage43.org)
Director: Stephen Torrence
Production Dates: April 23 - 26 (Sunday matinee) and April 29 - May 2, 2015 at the Evergreen Cultural Centre, 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam – evening performances at 8:00 pm, matinee at 2:00 pm.
Audition Dates: Thursday Dec. 4, 2014, 7 pm to 10 pm (Room 3) Sunday Dec. 7, 2014, 2 pm to 5 pm (Room 5)
Audition Address: Pinetree Community Centre, 1260 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7Z4 (note that pay parking is NOT in effect on Sundays or after 9 pm)
Casting Requirements: 3 Females - Ages are approximate but actors must be believable in the age range.
Alison – late 20’s – Has a husband, son and daughter.
Lynn – 30-40 – Has a husband, a son and twin daughters.
Nancy – 35-45 – Has a husband, a son and a daughter.
Synopsis: Three engaging women reluctantly take the field in a “mother versus sons” soccer game. They intend to let the children win, but as the game unfolds it’s the women who become intent on scoring. The competition ignites a fierce desire to recapture their youthful good-humour, independence and sexiness, paving the way toward a better understanding of themselves, their families, and changes they need to make in their lives.
“A show that puts the heart and “sole” into comedy!” New York Daily News
Notes: Bring a résumé and headshot (optional) to the audition. Also, please bring with you a list of dates you are NOT available. Open auditions – no appointment required; cold reads will be provided. This is a non-equity, community theatre production. Committed actors who would make the show their top priority will be given consideration over actors who are unable to commit to the rehearsal schedule. For insurance purposes, all cast/crew must become members of Stage 43 ($20 / $16 annual membership) at or before the first rehearsal. Since this is also Stage 43's entry into the Theatre BC Fraser Valley Zone Festival in Langley, those cast in this production must be available for a May performance in Langley and possibly one performance in Kamloops in July 2015, and will also need to become members of Theatre BC for entry into the festival.
Be sure to visit stage43.org for news about upcoming shows and exciting events happening at Stage 43
Contact: stage43theatre@yahoo.ca

Ensemble Theatre Company Summer 2015 Repertory season
Company: Ensemble Theatre Company
Plays & Playwrights: 'Tis Pity She's A Whore (by John Ford), The Children's Hour (by Lillian Hellman), Frost/Nixon (by Peter Morgan)
Directors: Artistic Director, Tariq Leslie and season directors Alison Raine and Brian Parkinson
Production Dates: July and August 2015
Rehearsal Dates: (for 'Tis Pity) March, (for Frost/Nixon and Children's Hour) April
Audition Dates: December 6 and 7, 2014
Audition Address: TBA. Will be provided to those given an audition.
Requirements: Annual General Auditions, but especially seeking females who can play 15 to 17. Two contrasting monologues, one classic (from one of the following periods: Greek, Elizabethan, Jacobean or Restoration), and one contemporary (mid-to-late 20th Century onwards)
Submission Guidelines: General Auditions are ONLY for actors who have NOT been seen by our Artistic Director in the last 2 years. While we do operate as a profit-share, Ensemble cannot at present engage Equity artists. Applicants selected for an audition will be contacted to schedule an appointment. WE WILL NOT CONTACT ANYONE WHO HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED FOR AN APPOINTMENT. Submissions are done via email only, to auditions@ensembletheatrecompany.ca Submissions must consist of a headshot and resume, sent as attachments, covering letter in the body of the email. **PLEASE NOTE THE NEW POLICY FOR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS** Submissions must include a résumé and headshot in a single PDF file labeled with family name first.i.e.: DOE, John, or DOE, Jane. SUBMIT RESUME & HEADSHOT via email to auditions@ensembletheatrecompany.ca Submission deadline is Midnight, NOVEMBER 28, 2014. Submissions recieved after this time will not be considered for auditions.
Callbacks: Callbacks from our generals (which will include callbacks selected from those who previously auditioned for us) will be held in JANUARY 2015. Date TBA.
For more details visit http://www.ensembletheatrecompany.ca

Company: The Troika Collective
Playwright: Torsten Buchsteiner translated to English by David Tushingham
Director: Aliya Griffin
Production Dates: March 3-7, 2015
Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-10pm, and Sundays from 12-6pm starting on January 4th, 2015
Audition Date: Sunday, December 7 from 10:00am to 4:00pm
Callbacks: Wednesday, December 10 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Audition Address: The Mainspace Building, 350 East 2nd Avenue
Requires: 3 women, any age
Notes: We ask that you prepare a 2 minute contemporary monologue and be prepared to give a cold reading of the script. "Nordost" is a challenging piece for 3 strong women. It is about the hostage taking of the Dubrovka Theatre in Moscow in 2002 told from the perspective of Olga; a Russian attending the show with her family, Tamara, a Latvian born Russian paramedic, and Zura, one of the female Chechen hostage takers. This is a non-Equity production operating on a profit share system.
Contact: For more information or to sign up for an audition please send a resume and photo to thetroikacollective@gmail.com. Please note, only those scheduled for an audition will be contacted.

Playwright: Walter Marks and Peter Marks
Director: Mike Jarvis
Producer: John Jarvis
Production Dates: April 3-18, 2015 (Wednesday-Saturday), as well as one performance during the period Sunday, May 3 to Friday, May 8, 2015 at Presentation House Theatre, 333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver as part of the Theatre BC North Shore Zone Festival of Plays.
Audition Dates: Sunday, December 7 from 2-4 pm, and Wednesday, December 10 from 7-9 pm
Audition Address: Deep Cove Shaw Theatre 4360 Gallant Street North Vancouver
Cast Descriptions:
Robert: ....... Sixty-ish, an actor playing the part of Raymond Butler in a play
Anthony Lefcoort:.... Now in his fifties, author and director and financier of the play, in a desperate effort to create a hit and rescue a career laden with recent flops.
Claudia:....... Attractive, in mid twenties, plays Victoria Butler daughter of Raymond and girlfriend of Anthony.
Michael:....... Mid twenties, plays Aldo the butler and is involved with Natalie.
Natalie:........ Forties, an established actress, plays Angela, Robert’s wife.
Sam:........... Mid forties, plays detective Mumford investigating a murder on the set.
Description of Play: A look behind the scenes of the theatre world featuring a thriller with several twists of murder and mayhem. A struggling writer and director is rehearsing a play – a classic whodunit – where all the characters are named Butler. In order to motivate his actors he manipulates, withholds scripts and plays mind games, all of which may very well bite him in the butt. It starts with him marching onto the stage from the audience during rehearsal to fine-tune the actors during their Act 1, Scene 1. This show is Deep Cove Stage Society's entry into the Theatre BC North Shore Zone Festival of Plays.
 Notes:Accentsnot important. Please bring a hard-copy résumé and head shots to the audition. This is a non-Equity production. No appointments; actors will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Successful auditionees are required to become members of Deep Cove Stage Society at the first rehearsal. Rehearsals – Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-10 pm and Sundays 2-5 pm, commencing Tuesday, January 20. As this is a Festival Play, all members must also become a member of Theatre BC ($28)
Contact: For further information, please contact Mike Jarvis (mcrjarvis@shaw.ca or 604.929.5246)

BC Renaissance Festival Storyline
Company: Times Past Entertainment
Playwright: Christina Carr
Director: Christina Carr
Production Dates: June 11-14
Audition Date: Open call/Dropin
December 8-10, 2014 noon to 4:00pm
December 20, 2014 10am to 12:30pm
December 27 & 29, 2014 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Audition Address: La Fontana Caffe. 3701 Hastings St.
Lord Norfolk - Stuck up, self centred, Ex Deputy of the village. Has now taken his ŒLordly position¹ back only to be sent off with the pirates at the end of last year¹s story. History with the pirate Captain. Actor MUST be able to learn the previous actor¹s fights and learn the history of the character and how he relates to the other characters. This role will require additional rehearsals, open minded attitude, flexible and be able to travel. Does not require a license BUT will be asked to take part in a few events over the border. Will be looking for someone who can also take the previous other actors roles on other projects (1700s - Lieutenant Norfolk
Steampunk- Dr. Lucifer Drake ) connected with Times Past Entertainment.
This character joined us in 2010 as Deputy Norfolk. For more on this character as it has already been established in past:
Queen Catherine of Aragon. First wife of Henry VIII. Spanish (actor must be able to do a ŒSpanish¹ accent acceptable to a modern audience¹s ear. Clearly audible and easy to understand) We play Catherine a little more Œspunky¹ then she is reported as being. For us this character was introduced in 2011.
Pirate. We would like to add one more pirate to the Jade Dragon Crew. Can be Moorish, Asian, Scottish, Irish, Spanish, English/British, French, East Indian.. Pirates were from all cultures and all walks of life. This character would be hard working, from lower classes, possibly musician, cook, seasoned sailor, ex servant, etc.
 ŒBadguy/gal¹ We are deciding if we would like to go with French or Spanish but the character will be upper class and accusing the pirates of stealing from their ships. They will arrive to try to convince the King of England to finally lock up the Jade Dragon crew. Stuck up, rich, self centred, demanding.
Villagers: The BC Renaissance Festival is looking villagers who can understudy or substitute storyline cast members. If you are interested in being a villager ONLY please state this when you come for the audition.
You will be auditioning for a “type” not necessarily a set character.
Nobles - Early to mid 1500¹s Lord, Lady, Duke, Duchess, Prince, Princess Multiple cultures- England, France, Spain, Scotland, Ireland. Will also accept ³visiting dignitaries² from India, China and Japan.
Working Class - Wench, Squire, Merchant (Fish monger, Silk Merchant, Butcher, Baker,
Chandler/Candlestick maker, Blacksmith, etc.) Washer woman,
Crazy person, Farmer, Monk, Musician. Accent/cultures mostly Irish,
Scottish, British lower-class. Some roles (example Fish monger, silk
merchant) can be other cultures such as Chinese, East Indian or Spanish.
Do a little history research and come prepared to play with different types of characters. We are not history controlled (Finding many cultures in a small village in England in 1514 was not realistic) but historically influenced. Think of your strongest accent or look in the mirror and make a list of what you see as possibilities. Villagers are improv and atmosphere so the more you play the better.
For all:
Must be 16 years or older. 19 years old and over preferred.
Must be prepared to remain on site from June 10-15, 2015 (dress rehearsal is June 10. Performance June 11-14. Breakdown and clean up of greenroom and tents is June 15) Must be able to camp. We share tents so don¹t need to own your own BUT must stay on site for the run. Villagers and storyline cast have slightly different schedules however expect your rehearsals to fall on Sundays.
Please bring one copy of resume or letter of interest and a photograph of minimum size 4x6² for reference and our records.
Please prepare a one minute memorized monologue. Original monologues are accepted only if it is one minute long and a printed copy is presented. We are half script and half improv. Monologues must express the type of character you are after and do use appropriate accents. Improv and/or cold read from previous year¹s scripts will follow.
Contact: Note: It is a dropin/open call audition. You do not need to pre book. It is a café so please be courteous to customers if you have to wait your turn.
If you have questions you can contact us at: 778-926-3378 or contact@timespastent.com

A Fateful Meeting Of Les Femme Fatales
Company - Leaping Thespians
Playwright - Mary Harvey
Director - Jacqueline Becher
Production Dates - 14 - 25 April 2015
Audition Date - Monday, 15th December
Audition Address - 2708 Parker Street, Vancouver
Requires - 1 Woman 20-25
Notes – DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS SATURDAY 13TH DECEMBER The audition will be a cold read from the script. Female Actor must be able to play a male dressed as a woman
Contact - Jacqueline Becher jbecher@shaw.ca

Company: Langley Players Drama Club
Playwright: George F. Walker
Director: Helen Embury
Production Dates: April 17 to May17, with Members Preview on April 15
Rehearsals: Sunday, Monday and Wednesday starting January 25
Festival Performance(s):
Fraser Valley Zone Festival in Langley on Sunday May 19
Note: Zone winner performs at Mainstage Festival in July in Kamloops.
Audition Dates & Times:
Sunday January 18 at 7pm
Monday January 19 at 7pm
Callbacks on Wednesday January 21 at 7pm
Audition Address: Langley Playhouse 4307 – 200th Street, Langley
Requires: 5 Men and 5 Women – able to play ages 20 to 60.
(Ages are relative – will audition adult actors of all ages)
Nora – Mother
Tom – the father of Nora’s daughters
Elizabeth – Nora’s oldest daughter
Mary Ann – Nora’s middle daughter
Gail – Nora’s youngest daughter
Junior – Gail’s husband
Mike Dixon – a Police Detective
Dian Black – a Police Detective
 RollyMoore – a criminal
Stevie Moore – a criminal (son of Rolly)
This is a non-equity production
Audition format: cold readings from sides
Please bring a resume and a head shot
About the Play: Meet the Quinns, a dysfunctional working class family from the wrong side of town. Headed by a mother who maintains only the most tenuous connection to reality, the family consists of three daughters who display a variety of neuroses and a chronically ill old man who may or may not be their father. Add to the mix a couple of criminals of dubious intelligence and two police officers who are not the darlings of the force's PR department and we have all the ingredients for a wonderful dark comedy by award winning Canadian playwright.
For further information please contact the Director: hembury@shaw.ca

Source:  The Vancouver Public Library
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