f Filming Vancouver: The Revenant (2015) Staring Leonardo DiCaprio

The Revenant (2015) Staring Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Staring in
The Revenant (2015)
Adventurer, Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) goes West in 1822 in the employ of Captain Andrew Henry to do some profitable fur trapping. He is attacked by a bear, and badly injured. Miraculously, he survives, and he recovers. He resolves to hunt down the men who abandoned him.
Filming will take place in Vancouver, BC and Alberta.  Producers  are looking for a First Nations teen for a speaking role n the film, which begins shooting in the Calgary area on Sept. 29.
BC production address:  2880 Underhill Ave, Burnaby, BC V5A 3C5

Scheduled filming Dates: Sep 29/14 - Mar 31/15

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
Writers: Alejandro González Iñárritu (screenplay), Michael Punke (novel)
Stars: Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Domhnall Gleeson
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