f Filming Vancouver: Current Auditions List- Vancouver Public Library, July 16, 2014

Current Auditions List- Vancouver Public Library, July 16, 2014


Updated July 16th, 2014

Company: BC Renaissance Festival
Director: Christina Carr
Production Dates: August 15th-17th
Audition Date: June 26th-August 3rd
Requires: Enthusiastic performers to play villagers, ages 16-60, open to all genders. Villagers can be anything from a blacksmith to a fisherman. A baker to a crazy man. A wench to a Lord. Variety of classes and cultures. Those involved will interact with guests at the Festival to create atmosphere, as well as welcoming guest into the space for other performances.
Notes: Must be comfortable with improvising and singing chorus
Contact: For more information contact Charlie Cook, 604-725-3973 and/or villagers@bcrenfest.com

Company: Vital Spark theatre
Director: Joan Bryans
Production dates: Oct 3-12, (Presentation House) 18 - Nov 1 (Metro Theatre).
Audition date, July 19th 11.00-2.00. (Times by appointment)
Audition address: Metro Theatre, 1370 SW MArine Drive
Requires: Women and men aged 25-50. please come prepared to sing a short and simple song, a capella.
This is a remount of a show which played to sold-out houses at Jericho in Jan.
Synopsis - Early 20th century London. A poor cotton mill worker is best friends with the daughter of a Viceroy of India. An illiterate cockney housewife is teaching a Canadian university graduate, a young girl is being coached to convert British Columbia to the cause. Women carry hammers in their muffs. What is going on? War! But war waged as women want it waged.Called to battle by a diminutive, delicate lady, as battle scarred and hardened as any grunt, the front line of the militant suffragettes contained a motley bunch of women. Join these and their fellow rebels as they are swept up in the maelstrom that will alter their lives forever, cause governments to fall, and shape democracy for us all.Rebel Women is a theatre verbatim play. In the centenary of the major events, the women’s actual words, insightful, sometimes hilarious and always searingly truthful, are used to create the play.
More info on the show can be found at http://www.vitalsparktheatre.com.
For audition time slop and sides send resume and headshot to Joan at j.bryans@telus.net

Company: Little Mountain Lion Productions
Playwright: Eric Simonson
Director: Matt Clarke
Production Dates: Nov. 11 - 15
Audition Date: July 21st and 23rd
5 men, 18 - 45; 3 women, 20-35
Contact: Please submit headshot and resume to info@littlemountainlionproductions.com - those selected will receive a reply with audition time and location

Presented by Opera Mariposa
Directed and reimagined by Sergio Flores
Presented in October 2014
Audition Date: July 27th, 2014
Audition Address: 1538 W. 47th Avenue
Requires: Looking to double-cast all roles; there is only one slot available for the role of Suor Angelica.
- Suor Angelica: lyric soprano
- Principessa: mezzo-soprano
- Suor Genovieffa: soubrette/light lyric soprano
- Monitor/Abbess: lyric soprano or mezzo; may understudy Angelica
- Supporting nuns are featured soloists, with both mezzos and sopranos required. A light lyric soprano or soubrette singing one of these featured roles may understudy Genovieffa.
- We are also looking for two male choristers who will be strongly featured as soldiers.
Notes: Accepting resumes until July 23rd, 2014
Contact: For more information contact Opera Mariposa Managing Director Robin Eder-Warren at operamariposa@gmail.com

DÄMMERUNG Performance Collective General Auditions
Company: DÄMMERUNG Performance Collective
Playwright: TBD.
Director: Tidal Grace
Production Dates: Sept. - Dec. 2014
Audition Date: 1st auditions: Monday, July 28th
Audition Address: Pacific Cinematheque, 1131 Howe Street (off of alley—behind the theatre between Helmcken and Davie)
Requires: All ages/looks/etc. encouraged to audition.
Notes: DÄMMERUNG will be a respectful, serious and playful, performance arts collective that will rely on a core of 8-12 performers, actors, and theatre makers who are ready to stretch their boundaries and develop a new form. DÄMMERUNG will be lead and facilitated by Tidal Grace—who has years of experience in leading drama groups; Tidal is also an actor, an artist, and a psychotherapist. DÄMMERUNG will focus on extending the theatrical art form into new directions. The first series of workshops will be seeking a core group of dedicated performers and creators while developing trust between its members through scene-study work both in English and German (knowledge of German is not essential). DÄMMERUNG will then extend its focus into producing a “play," and then using device and artists’ input, we will deconstruct the play's content and meaning from the inside-out and the outside-in, by integrating the “audience” into the production.
Contact: For more information, please visit http://www.meetup.com/Dammerung/events/191363372/ and RSVP online to obtain an audition time. Auditions will last 5-15 minutes per person. If you have already auditioned, you do not have to audition again. As auditions will take time, please come at your call time. We will send you an individualized call time window to come at, once you RSVP.

Company: MISCELLANEOUS Productions Society
MISCELLANEOUS Productions' Haunted House is a live site-specific performance that uses art as a vehicle to confront the things that scare us most deeply.
Playwright: Written by the youth involved.
Directed by professionals and offered as a free training program for culturally and socially diverse youth aged 14 – 24 years old, young performers involved in Haunted House will produce solo, duo and ensemble performances that will take place in and around an old East Vancouver house. Each participant will be assigned a room, a limited budget and a team of professional artists to collaborate with to create a performance work and/or installation, in which they face their fears - that which haunts them. Through naming our fears and telling stories about the root of these fears we are empowered to overcome that which haunts us.
This performance project will also be made into a feature length documentary film.
No Experience Necessary!!!
Director: Elaine Carol
Production Dates: Rehearsal takes place twice a week throughout the year. The performance takes place summer 2015.
Audition Date: Monday July 28th, 5:15pm-8:45pm. Room: “Studio 7” (Studio 7 is right in front of the elevator on the 7th floor). Note: Auditions are one date only. No appointment necessary. Please arrive at 5:15PM
Callbacks Only: Friday August 1st, 5:15pm-8:45pm. Room: “Jarislowsky” (on the 3rd floor) Audition and callback location: The Scotiabank Dance Centre 677 Davie Street, Vancouver BC V6B 2G6
Everyone: please wear loose comfortable clothes that you can dance in– no logos (or cover logos), and clean shoes.
Singers/Rappers: prepare one verse and chorus of a soulful song and/or rap.
Youth who are cast will receive $26,000 worth of professional training, an honorarium and CAP or other volunteer points.
For more information please email MISCELLANEOUS Productions’
Assistant Director: Zoe Green.
E-mail: zoe.miscellaneous@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.miscellaneousproductions.ca
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/miscellaneousproductions

Playwright: Edward Taylor
Director: Norman White
Producer: Judy Thomson
Production Dates: October 10 – 25, 2014 (Wednesday – Saturday)
Audition Dates: Monday, July 28 and Tuesday, July 29, both at 7pm
Callbacks: Thursday, July 31 at 7pm
Audition Venue: Deep Cove Shaw Theatre 4360 Gallant Street, North Vancouver
Cast Required:
3 men – late thirties, early forties
1 woman – late thirties, early forties
Description of Play:
Harold Kent and Paul Riggs are writing partners who specialize in writing murder mysteries. The problem is Harold is not happy with his lazy and drunk partner so, along with his nervous wife, he plots a way to end the partnership. Permanently. Everything seems to be going without a hitch but, as per usual, the road to success is filled with many obstacles and challenges. Unforeseen things happen with a surprise twist at the end.
Please prepare a monologue and be prepared to do some improv.
Please bring a hard-copy résumé and head shots to the audition.
This is a non-Equity production.
No appointments; actors will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis.
Successful auditionees are required to become members of Deep Cove Stage Society at the first rehearsal.
Rehearsals start early August – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings.
Contact: For further information please contact Norman White (wptc@telus.net – 604-526-5018) or Judy Thomson (judythomson@icloud.com – 604-904-8566).

Written and directed by Mary Gray
Company: North Vancouver Community Players
Producer: Carolyn Coles
Production Dates: November 28-30, December 4-7 and December 11-14, 2014 (Thursday & Fridays @ 7 pm; Saturday & Sundays @ 2 pm & 4 pm)
In the Theatre at Hendry Hall, 815 East 11th Street, North Vancouver
Audition Dates: Sunday, August 24 @ 1:15pm and Monday, August 25 @ 7:00pm
Callbacks: August 26 and 28 @ 7:00pm
Audition Address: Kiwanis 2555 Whiteley Court (off Fromme Road, opposite Lynn Valley Mall) North Vancouver

You will be asked to read several parts with other actors. You may be asked to sing a few bars of “Jingle Bells” and do a dance-step or two. If you wish to bring your own short song and dance, please do. And yes, you may do this with a partner.
Cinderella: played by young woman
Fairy Godmother: played by a middle-aged man
Excrutia and Malvella, the “Ugly” step-sisters: played by young women
Prince Charming: played by a young woman
Dandini, the prince’s best friend, played by a young man
Buttons, the “dog”: played by a young man
Baron Hardupon: played by a man
Five Elves: Black, Tink, Herald, Favor, Leonardo: played by young and/or older males and/or females
Description of Play: Most of us know Cinderella, the hard-working youngest daughter of Baron Hardupon, whose nasty step-sisters, Excrutia and Malvella, chivvy and insult her from morning till night. We know that she is eventually rescued by a handsome prince and lives happily ever after. Does knowing all this spoil the fun? Not at all! Our pantomime of this popular fairy tale combines traditional and modern elements for the delight of both children and adults. In it we will seek to evoke some very real magic, so it will be up to all those who are chosen to perform and work back stage to create an unforgettably wonderful experience for both ourselves and our audiences.
No appointments; actors will be seen on a first come, first served basis.
Please bring a résumé and headshot to the audition if possible.
Cold read from the script.
This is a non-Equity production.
Rehearsals commence September 2.
Contact: For more information, contact the director at  maryagray@yahoo.com
***These are open auditions, but preference will be given to existing members of NVCP***
Successful auditioners must all be members of the NVCP ($20 fee/$10 for 16 and under) prior to the first rehearsal.

Christmas Pantomime "ALADDIN"
Company: Metro Theatre's
Director: Catherine Morrison
Choreographer: Jordana Jackson
Auditions: Tues., Sept 2 and Wed., Sept. 3 at 7:00 PM at the Metro Theatre
Singing, dancing, and acting auditions Please bring a prepared song.
Must be 15 years of age or older.
All ethnicities welcome ( much of story set in China )
Contact cathymary7@gmail.com
VPL'S Productions list: http://www.vpl.ca/find/details/current_productions_list
The Vancouver Public Library produces this Auditions List to promote our drama collection. However, we do not list every audition in Metro Vancouver.

Vancouver Public Library

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