f Filming Vancouver: "Sea of Fire" Pilot Staring Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter

"Sea of Fire" Pilot Staring Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter
Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter is in Vancouver to film a Twin Peaks/ The Killing style TV pilot Sea of Fire joined by co-star Smash's Jack Davenport.

The storyline centers around the disappearance of three small town teenage girls who star in a pornographic film.  The disappearance is investigated by the local sheriff  Marty Kesowich, (Davenport) who teams with FBI Agent Leah Pierce (Carpenter).  Leah Pierce has a much more aggressive approach than her partner and winds up alienating the town.

Based on the Dutch format Vuurzee (heavily influenced by David Lynch' Twin Peaks).

Production company:  Stage-49-Ltd, Burnaby
Writers:  (script),     
Stars:  , , |

Scheduled film dates: Mar 04/14 - Mar 20/14

Source:  Hollywood Reporter
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