f Filming Vancouver: Film Crew Shoots Movie For Citadel Production in Edmonton

Film Crew Shoots Movie For Citadel Production in Edmonton

Rebecca Northan singing
for the Citadel's upcoming
play Make Mine Love
EDMONTON - In a room deep inside the Victoria School of the Arts, a young hip Vancouver film crew is preparing to shoot footage of a fictional 1938 Hollywood movie musical called Make Mine Love. That’s the “vintage” movie that you’ll see getting shot in the course of a new stage play, also called Make Mine Love. 

Resplendently cleavaged in a long red-sequin gown and draped in diamonds, the first full-colour costume in the show, Rebecca Northan as Golden Age star Lily Arlen is singing the seductive title track (by Lynn Miles and Keith Glass), or rather lip-synching her own recording into a period microphone in front of a green screen. Over and over again. That’s when director Bob Baker objects, and everything stops...

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