f Filming Vancouver: "Warcraft" the Movie Staring Colin Farrell?

"Warcraft" the Movie Staring Colin Farrell?

Warcraft (2015)

Collin Farrell Rumored Star in Warcraft
filming in Vancouver early next year.
Colin Farrell may be leading a list of Hollywood stars in Duncan Jones’ adaptation of World Of Warcraft An epic fantasy/adventure based on the popular video game series

Farrell has been linked to the project for some time and has praised the script and writer/director Duncan Jones work on the project.

Writers:  (screenplay), (screenplay) 
Stars:  , ,  (all rumored)  

Filming scheduled to begin:  January 13, 2014 - Vancouver, BC Canada

World Of Warcraft will open in the US on 18 December 2015

Sources:  IMDB, myentertainmentworld.com, IGN
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