f Filming Vancouver: My Gal Sunday - Pilot for Halmark

My Gal Sunday - Pilot for Halmark

My Gal Sunday,” based on a book series by Mary Higgins Clark about husband-and-wife sleuths.

From Deadline Hollywood:

"Based on the book of short stories by Mary Higgins Clark, “My Gal Sunday” follows the husband and wife crime solving duo of Sunday and Henry Parker. Parker, an ex Vice President of the United States and Sunday, a legal aid lawyer are celebrating their first wedding anniversary when Parker assists Sunday in snaring a murderer and he takes a bullet in the arm in the process. As they later head off on a romantic weekend getaway, they are kidnapped and taken to a remote, abandoned farmhouse where the kidnapper demands the release of a dangerous, notorious former hit man. Both Parker and Sunday assume the ex Vice President must be the target but as time ticks down and Parker becomes desperately ill from his untended wound, Sunday musters all her brilliant skills and bravado to confront and expose the kidnapper realizing that she is his true target of vengeance."

Filming begins July 15, 2913, and the pilot debuts in March 2014.

Sources:  Deadline.com, Nytimes.com
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