f Filming Vancouver: 'The Virginian" Staring Ron Perlman And Jennifer Beals

'The Virginian" Staring Ron Perlman And Jennifer Beals

Ron Pearlman
Ron Pearlman  (Hellboy) and Jennifer Beals (The L Word, also filmed in Vancouver), along with country music star Trace Adkins (The Lincoln Lawyer)to star in a big screen adaptation of he 1960's TV series The Virginian.

Here’s the official synopsis of the new incarnation of “The Virginian” from Moviehole.

"SOUTH is the foreman of Sunk Creek Ranch and a feared enforcer for the cattle baron JUDGE HENRY, who took him in after his parents were killed by rustlers. As part of his duties he is to look after a writer from the big city, OWEN, who has come out West to research a novel. Owen is appalled at the savagery of the land, in particular the way cattle rustlers are treated. As South tells him, rustling cattle in Wyoming is worse than shooting a man in the back. There’s a rash of rustling that is decimating Judge Henry’s operation and South is trying to get to the bottom of it and find the rustlers. Along the way he romances the new schoolteacher in town, MOLLY, who takes a liking to South until she learns what his job entails. She urges him to avoid bloodshed. As South seeks clues as to who is doing the rustling he finds answers he wishes he hadn’t."

Filming Mar 25/13 - Apr 07/13.

Screenplay:  Bob Thielke
Stars:  , Jennifer Beals, ,                          

Source: Variety, Cinemablend, moviehole
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