f Filming Vancouver: "Rogue's" Thandie Newton Pushed for Vancouver

"Rogue's" Thandie Newton Pushed for Vancouver


Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton stars in the TV drama series Rogue, a 10-episode set in Oakland California. The four months of filming in Vancouver wrapped in November.

Newton plays morally tormented cop Grace Travis, who follows a body-strewn trail through the Oakland underworld to find the killer of her young son. Newton, non-violent Buddhist in real life portrays a gun-wielding U.S. cop in the series.

She tells the Provence "When I came out here, we started police training... "We went to a shooting range and it turns out I'm a really good shot, which I'm sort of disappointed by in a way... The less I can hold a gun, the better."

Newton had a history with Vancouver, having filmed sci-fi feature Chronicles of Riddick here in 2003 and, five years later, disaster epic 2012. Newton was one of the key members of the project that pushed for the West Coast over Toronto.

"My kids have also been here when they were tiny," says Newton during a filming break, bundled in a heavy overcoat. "They remember it, so it's part of our family...The memory of Vancouver is very much in the fabric of their growing up,"

Newton says. "I pushed very hard for Vancouver. ... I'm always looking to come back."
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