f Filming Vancouver: All Star Cast in New Film "Mary Mother of Christ"

All Star Cast in New Film "Mary Mother of Christ"

Mary Mother of Christ
 A new major motion picture Mary Mother of Christ will begin filming on January 14, 2013 in Vancouver. The movie is a Biblical prequel to the story of "The Passion Of The Christ."

"Under the reign of terror of Herod the Great and against all odds, Mary and Joseph survive as young parents in one of the most treacherous times in history. From Mary's youth to her struggles as a young mother caring for her child, Jesus, up to the age of four years old. We will peer into Mary's life at ages 8, 15, 19 and 27." -Aloe Entertainment Additional filming may take place in Malta and Israel.

Stars:  Odeya Rush, Ben Kingsley, Julia Ormond, and Peter O'Toole

Director:  Alister Grierson
Writer:  Barbara Nicolosi

Produced by AB Media Publishing, LC Aloe Entertainment.

Distributed by Lionsgate and Noori Pictures.

Sources: The Examiner, OLV, IMDB
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