f Filming Vancouver: A Vancouver Film Industry Must Have

A Vancouver Film Industry Must Have

 Dreaming in the Rain: How Vancouver Became Hollywood North by Northwest
-By David Spaner
Twenty years ago, Vancouver didn't exist on any map of the film world. Today, Vancouver is at the heart of two film worlds. The city's American-based film industry is powerful enough to inspire loathing and threats from Hollywood, and its Canadian-based film scene is among the most acclaimed, provocative independent filmmaking communities anywhere.

Vancouver Province movie critic David Spaner's Dreaming in the Rain is the story of West Coast Canada's emergence as a movie capital, from its early days as a Hollywood studio backlotShum, Lynne Stopkewich, Bruce Sweeney, and countless others, who remain resolutely independent.

Spaner writes about the rise of the city as one of the major centers of film production not only in North America but in the world.
—Hollywood Reporter (Hollywood Reporter )

. . . [Spaner] has . . . scrupulous attention to detail and an obvious curiosity and passion for both Vancouver and its film industry.
Entertainment Today (Entertainment Today )

. . . paints a clear and accurate portrait of an industry that in 20 short years left an undeniable mark on a city and its people.
The Calgary Herald (The Calgary Herald )

Anyone who plans on pursuing a career in filmmaking or just has an interest in independent film would be well served to read this book.
Nexus (Nexus )

. . . a delightful new retrospective on the history of film production. . .
Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine (Vancouver Lifestyles )

Spaner does a outstanding job of bringing to life the mover and shakers of the early Vancouver movie scene. . . I would highly recommend this book to anyone one who likes movies.
—CityView (CityView )

David Spaner is a movie critic for the Vancouver Province.

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