f Filming Vancouver: Why Are So Many Movies Filmed in Vancouver?

Why Are So Many Movies Filmed in Vancouver?

Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, British Columbia has the third largest production centre for film and television in the world, after Los Angeles and New York City. It has been nicknamed "Hollywood North." So, how did Vancouver become so popular with the film industry?

Start with city it's self. Vancouver offers a wide range of scenery, from natural beauty of the area, to the building types which can be substituted for many different locales. Foreign producers often choose Vancouver to film is because of the consistent cloud cover as this weather naturally diffuses natural sunlight which makes it easier for technicians to add additional light.

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The province also offers competitive tax credits, and a business-friendly work force with a tradition of stability. Vancouver encourages and supports the film industry and recognizing its appeal and economic benefit to the local community. Many residents work in the film industry and benefit from the employment that filming in the City provides.

North Shore Studios - formally Lionsgate Studios - and Vancouver Film Studios are among the two largest special effects stages in Canada. VFS being one of the largest production facility outside of Los Angeles; Bridge Studios, in Burnaby, British Columbia, has one of the largest special effects stages in North America. Mammoth Studios, a subsidiary of North Shore studios holds the largest film stages in the world, their largest at 123,883 sq ft.

Vancouver is 1,072 miles from Hollywood and is in the same time zone. This proximity reduces issues over operating hours, accessibility, travel time, access to film making infrastructure, and experience of crews.

So you can see why Vancouver is a popular destination for the film industry.
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