f Filming Vancouver: Twilight Fans- Vancouver's Ridge Theatre Set to Close

Twilight Fans- Vancouver's Ridge Theatre Set to Close

Vancouver is about to loose a lesser know film location. Twilight fans should take note.

The Vancouver Sun reports the Ridge Theatre, a Vancouver cinema which has shown movies in the Kitsilano neighbourhood since 1950, and set to be torn down after housing developers purchased the property.

A Vancouver-based developer Cressey Development Group, plans to demolish the Ridge Theatre as part of a $60-million development plan that includes about 50 condominiums and a 22,000-square-foot grocery store.

The Ridge Theatre was used in the film Twilight New Moon. The theatre interior (Bella and Jacob) and exterior (Bella and Jessica) sidewalk where used as stand-in for Port Angeles, WA. 

Scene Inside the Ridge Theatre

The the was set to be demolished sometime in 2012 or 2013. Swing by and take a look before it is gone.

The Ridge Theatre
3113 Arbutus Street  Vancouver, BC
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